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Our history

Our family lovely runs this historic restaurant in the centre of Como since 1976. But in truth Gesumin became famous in the mid-nineteenth century. Many tourists from all over the world started to visit the Lake Como in this period and many others pass by to reach the moutain resorts in Swiss or France. Every ones were happy to have a break here and restore theirselves with the tasty local food.

This glorious past, with its traditions, secrets recipes and deep knowledges of the surroundings, is still alive in this calm and quite space, secluded in the charming little streets of Como centre.

Our philosophy is serving high quality food in a familiar atmosphere!


The  very first owner of this resturant had very white hair, so pure white that everyone used to call him Gelsomino, jasmin in italian and Gesumin in the local dialect. This giggly name has lasted for years until now!


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Gesumin - via Cinque Giornate, 46 - 22100 - Como - Italy

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